8 Critical Cleaning Services!

Services We Offer in Kansas

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Carpet Cleaning in Lawrence & Topeka Kansas and Nearby cities and counties.
Cleaning Tile & Grout is Hard Work - Have Dr. Clean come out and show you how clean tile & grout can be!
Upholstery needs cleaning as well. Dust, oils, and more get ground in to your furniture. Dr. Clean is the best at cleaning upholstery!
Clean Air Ducts can help with allergies and overall cleanliness of your home!
If you get a spot in your carpet that can't be removed or has lightened your carpet, carpet spot dying might be the solution!
Carpet sometimes is loose. Stretching the carpet can fix the problem. Hole in the carpet? We repair carpet!
Accidents happen! We remove pet odors and can get rid of spots in the carpet!
We offer 24 Hour emergency water extraction services!

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